Transgender Father of Two Explains Difference Between Both Pregnancies


    A transgender man who was able to give birth to his second child recently after giving birth to his first baby while presenting as a woman five years ago has spoken out regarding the differences between both his pregnancies.

    Talking at the Victoria Derbyshire Show, Kaci Sullivan who is from Missouri revealed why his second pregnancy was much more enjoyable compared to his first.

    “They were very different experiences, for sure,” said Sullivan. “Nothing about my first pregnancy felt hopeful or within my control. My body didn’t look anything like I wanted it to.

    “I was still wrestling with the fact that that was my reality. I hadn’t told anybody, I didn’t know if I ever would. I was so depressed; I didn’t know if I’d be able to bond with the baby once I had them.

    “I was so terrified: What’s my life going to look like? What’s this baby’s life going to look like?

    “The pregnancy itself was sort of an ‘oopsie’ pregnancy; I wasn’t trying for it. I didn’t mean it to happen.

    “The way I thought about myself and perceived myself was so different. I’ve changed a lot in the last five-and-a-half years.”

    Sullivan, who is 30 years old, explained how he hoped that becoming pregnant the first time would make him feel much more connected to womanhood, but it did not.

    However, during his second pregnancy, as a man, there was none of the anxiousness that he had felt during his first time.

    Sullivan stated: “I wasn’t trying to turn it into something it could never be. This time I was trying to make it work for my own expectations, at least a lot more things were in my control. It was an experience I was emotionally prepared for this time.”

    Sullivan is regarded to be the first person in the world to give birth living as both a man and a woman.

    In giving birth to Phoenix, his new baby who is a healthy child weighing 8lbs 9oz, Sullivan went through a C-section after being in labour for seven days.

    Phoenix was conceived with the partner of Sullivan named Steven, a 27-year-old, after Sullivan took a break from taking male hormones.

    The birth happened four years after the business student began his transition from female to male.