Trial Starts in Iran Over Deadly Attacks Claimed by Islamic State

Photo by Adam Jones from Flickr

On Saturday, a Revolutionary Court in Iran started the trial of a group who was accused of involvement during the attacks that occurred in 2017. The said attacks killed 18 people during the first deadly operation that was made by the Islamic State in the country.

Mizanonline, the news website of the Iranian judiciary reported that eight out of the 26 suspects who were involved in the case attended the said hearing. The suspects faced charges that include weapons smuggling, unauthorized entry to Iran, and belonging to a terrorist organization.

In decline in Syria and Iraq, the Sunni Islamic State claimed the responsibility for the unprecedented attacks that were made in majority Shi’ite Iran. During the said attacks, numerous gunmen and suicide bombers attacked the parliament and the mausoleum of Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini that is located in Tehran. The attackers were revealed to be Kurdish Iranian Sunnis.

Iran has disclosed that the five of the suicide bombers and gunmen who were killed had fought in the strongholds of the militants in Iraq and Syria.