Trivago Surpasses Billion-Euro Mark as Tech Investment and Advertising Pay Off


In 2017, Trivago brought in more than a billion euros, as the hotel search engine invested in the advertising and the development of its technology.

The company released its full-year results today. The company stated that it had observed revenue increase by 37 percent to €1.04bn (£920m).

The net loss for the year amounted to €13m, which is less than a third of the €51.4m loss of the past year.

On an underlying basis, the business was considered profitable with tax depreciation, amortisation, and earnings before interest amounting to €6.7m. However, this was significantly lower compared to the earnings of €28.2m in 2016.

Rolf Schroemgens, the chief executive of the company, said that the company had heavily invested in the technology and its product behind it.

Schroemgens stated: “At the end, it’s all about having the best product.

“The majority of our efforts were in setting the infrastructure for the product up in a way that we can cope with the requirements of the future.”

As a part of the said strategy, the company has made various acquisitions over the previous year. Last September it acquired a machine learning startup from Hamburg called Tripl.

The company also stated that increased expenditures in advertising had helped to improve revenues. Schroemgens informed reported that advertising has been a help for the company learn more about their customers.

“We do a lot of quite extreme tests because the more extreme we do it, the more information we get,” said Schroemgens, in reference to the near wall-to-wall advertising campaign of Trivago on the London underground that features “the Trivago girl”, actress Gabrielle Miller.