Trump: China Trade Deal On The Cards


US President Donald Trump has stoked renewed hopes that the trade war of the United States of America with China is near its end, after a conversation with Xi Jinping, the President of China.

The President of the United States said in a tweet: “Just had a long and very good call with President Xi of China. Deal is moving along very well.”

He added that the trade deal would be “very comprehensive, covering all subjects, areas and points of dispute.”

The leaders of the two biggest economies in the world have been economically at loggerheads for much of the year, with each side taking it in turns on imposing increasingly expensive tariffs on the trade of each other’s country.

World markets have been affected as the tariffs disrupted the flow of goods between the countries that are worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

However, this month, a glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel sparked, as President Trump and Xi agreed on a 90-day ceasefire on tariffs that started on the 1st of December as they try to negotiate a deal.

Now, it seems that the agreement is coming good, with Chinese state media also admitting that the two spoke last Saturday. They quoted Xi as saying that the negotiators from both countries had been working to implement an agreement that was reached with Trump.

Xi stated: “I hope that the two teams will meet each other halfway, work hard, and strive to reach an agreement that is mutually beneficial and beneficial to the world as soon as possible.”

On Sunday, the foreign ministry of China added that the ties of the countries now “stand at a historic new starting point.”

Lu Kang, the spokesperson, stated: “Both sides should stick to rationally and objectively viewing the other side’s strategic intentions, strengthen strategic communication and promote strategic mutual trust to prevent strategic misjudgments.”

However, despite the signs of a promise on foreign policy, the government of the United States remains on shut down, after Trump demanded that the Congress pass the legislation to allocate $5 billion of taxpayer money at building a wall on the Mexican border to stop the migrants who are entering the country, something that the house refuses to do.

The shutdown is affecting at least one-quarter of the federal government including approximately 800,000 workers. It stated on the 22nd of December, and it looks set to continue into the new year.