Trump’s Visit to UK Postponed, Avoids Bad Rap


Donald Trump’s state visit to Britain seems to have been postponed after an absence of recognition in the Queen’s Speech.

The text, made for the Queen by Theresa May, contained no reference to the proposed visit by the US President which usually lays out official state visits.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan has lamented to Ms. May to withdraw her invitation to Mr. Trump in response to his comments on terrorism in the UK. Earlier this June, Mr. Trump trashed his remark on the London Bridge terror attack.

At the end of the speech, Her Majesty said: “Prince Philip and I look forward to welcoming Their Majesties King Felipe and Queen Letizia of Spain on a state visit in July,”… “My Government will host the Commonwealth Summit in April of next year to cement its relevance to this and future generations.”

The failure to name Mr. Trump’s visit implies that it will not take place in two years’ time at the least.
However, the President could still tour Britain in that time without the full pageantry of an official state visit.
Contrary to his predecessor, Barack Obama traveled to the UK for a number of times during his years in office, but only one of those trips was a state visit hosted by the Queen.
It was early this January of 2017, when Mrs. May invited Mr. Trump to Britain for a visit, but much to the chagrin of the public due to the President’s statements and impulsive personality.
Steering from this, Mayor Khan then proposed that it would be untimely for the President to have a state visit, indisposed with his repeated intervention in British politics.