TSB Issues Apology After Customers Complain About Yet Another Mobile Banking App Meltdown

Photo by Dan Foy via Flickr

TSB has issued an apology for the “temporary” problems that were experienced with its mobile banking app weeks after IT failures left millions of their customers locked out of their accounts.

The customers flooded the bank with various complaints on Twitter, a social media site, after being denied access to their money through their phones for several hours on the morning and afternoon of Saturday.

The users said that the services of the company were “absolutely dreadful”, “consistently rubbish”, “broken AGAIN!!” and “painfully slow” as they expressed their frustration with TSB.

The bank answered: “We’re really sorry that some of our customers are experiencing temporary issues with our mobile banking app.”

It added: “Customers are still able to access their accounts via Internet Banking using a desktop browser or any mobile device. We’re working as hard and as fast as we can to resolve the issue and will update our customers as soon as we can.”

Many users said that they were already considering switching to other banks as a result of the problems that they have encountered with TSB.

On the official website of the bank, TSB said that the mobile app is “intermittent” alongside the same apology.

Last month, Paul Pester, the chief executive of the bank, informed the MPs who were members of the Treasury Committee that TSB had lost approximately 12,500 customers in the aftermath of the extensive IT failure that the bank experienced last April.

Many of its customers were locked out of their accounts after TSB migrated its customer records to a new banking platform.

Other customers said that they had been able to access the accounts of other people and the bank was also overwhelmed by over 10,600 incidents of fraud.

TSB said that its banking app was “up and running” again by the 25th of April, however, some of its customers were still experiencing a disruption during the first week of June.

The bank said that it had hired almost 500 additional employees to deal with the series of complaints coming from their customers.