Turkey Takes Full Control of the Afrin of Syria

Mil.ru via Wikimedia Commons

On Saturday, a source from the Turkish army said that the military of Turkey and its Syrian rebel allies had taken full control of the Afrin region of northwest Syria. The source said that aid workers are now distributing food to the people in the area.

Last Sunday, the Syrian fighters and Turkish forces swept into the main town of Afrin following an eight-week campaign to expel the Kurdish YPG militia from the region, which Ankara identifies as a terrorist group.

A source from the military informed Reuters the last remaining villages had already been seized and control was established overnight.

The source said: “Control has been completely achieved in the Afrin region and search operations are continuing so that local people can return safely to their houses.”

Anadolu, a state-run news agency released a similar report.

People in Afrin lined up to receive hot food which was distributed by the Turkish Red Crescent while the Turkish soldiers kept the security and armoured vehicles moved along the streets.

Kerem Kinik, the president of the aid group, informed Reuters:  “We are trying to bring back life to normal in the short and medium term here.

“Our mobile kitchens are here, and our crews are in the villages.”

Abdurrahman Nahsen Suleymanoglu, a resident of Afrin, stated: “We want everything to be alright. We want our women and children to come back. They could not come back to their homeland.”

According to a Turkish presidential source, On Friday, Tayyip Erdogan, the Turkish President, rejected criticisms regarding the campaign in Afrin during a phone call with Emmanuel Macron, the President of France.

Among the Western allies of Turkey, France has been one of the biggest critics of the military operation of Turkey, with its foreign minister saying that concerns for its border security did not explain the incursion.