How to turn you unwanted tech into much-needed cash for the New Year


Tech-ing the pain out of ditching your Christmas clutter

WITH voice-controlled gadgets, state-of-the-art tablets and laptops top of many Christmas wish lists, it’s no surprise that 12% of British adults unwrapped a shiny new gadget on December 25. 

But with billions of pounds spent on gifts last month, that’s left a lot of cupboards and shelves groaning under the weight of old, outdated or even broken tech.

Around 75 million items were listed on eBay last week as people sought to re-sell their unwanted presents via the online marketplace. 

But there are lots of simple ways to ditch your Christmas clutter.

Make money on old laptops

If you got a shiny new laptop for Christmas, why not pack up your old one and sell it on Simply fill in an online form, receive a quote and wait for your cheque in the post – regardless of whether your computer is working or not.

Food for thought

If you got far too many chocolates and yummy treats for Christmas, donate them to your nearest food bank instead of throwing them away.

Clothes and toys

For clothes, tech items, records and toys, charity shops will gladly accept them and you can rest assured that the money raised from your sales will go to a good cause.

Books and DVDs and are great places to sell your unwanted books, DVDs and CDs as they offer free postage and better cash prices than similar outlets. Just enter the barcode from your item and find out instantly how much cash you can get. If you’re happy with the offer, print the free postage labels or arrange a courier collection.

Console games

Doubled up on a game or ended up with a new version for Christmas? Trade your old one at or sell them on

If people know the game well, it’s still in its wrapper or it’s popular, you’ll be set to make a fair price on your transaction.

Furniture and household items

Need to sell the sofa bed to make way for your toddler’s new kitchen? A great place to make some cash from old furniture is Gumtree. Here you can direct people locally to pick the item up from you in exchange for cash. Just take a photo, upload it to the website and watch people flock to view.

Preloved is also a good place to sell as it’s free to advertise your belongings.


You know the kind of thing; those brass candlestick holders, hideously ugly ornaments and other clutter that you just ‘end up’ with. Find your nearest and soonest car boot sale and sell. If it’s not raining it can be quite fun trying to barter with the punters – and the only cost to you is your pitch, rather than posting and packing each item!

If there’s no car boot sale, you could try online app Shpock which also allows you to sell for free to local people.