Tusk Confirms Offer on Brexit Transition

By Platforma Obywatelska RP (Wizyta Premiera w Toruniu) via Wikimedia Commons

On Wednesday, Donald Tusk, the summit chair, said that the leaders of the European Union are set to approve a post-Brexit transition offer to the United Kingdom on Friday. The confirmation was made after the reservations that were expressed by Spain over Gibraltar had held up the announcement.

Informing reporters that he had “good news” for Theresa May, the British Prime Minister, Tusk stated: “I have just recommended to EU27 leaders that we welcome, in principle, the agreement on transition.”

Last Monday, the executive European Commission was able to finalise a deal with the negotiators from the United Kingdom regarding a 21-month, status quo transition to follow the exit of Britain from the European Union on March 2019. Tusk solicited the consent of all the other 27 member states to make sure that the leaders would endorse the interim accord at the summit that is scheduled on Friday.

However, Madrid had expressed its concern on how the interim accord would impact its demands for a final say on how the Brexit will affect the British territory of Gibraltar on the south coast of Spain. Diplomats had been talking about how to ensure the consent of Spain to endorsing the said deal until shortly before the confirmation of Tusk.

Tusk said that he was sure that the new wording of the formal endorsement of the summit regarding the deal, including that on Gibraltar, would now be agreed by Spain and meet with the consent of the United Kingdom.