TV Shows of Amazon are Going Onboard the Trains of Eurostar

    By Herbert Ortner, Vienna, Austria [GFDL or CC BY 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

    With our need for constant amusement, whether we are on a train, automobile, or plane, these days you never have to read a rubbish book again as the Eurostar high-speed train network has a bring-your-own-device entertainment service of its own for quite some time already. However, a new partnership with Amazon means that the Prime Video-exclusive TV shows are joining the said catalog. Provided that you have hopped onto one of newer e320 trains of the Eurostar, you can easily connect to the onboard WiFi, start up the Eurostar app and you will find shows such as Transparent, Man in the High Castle, and The Grand Tour ready for streaming. And whether you are going from Brussels to Lille or London to Paris, there will be something on there to keep the kids from being noisy for an hour, also.

    The addition of Prime Video shows comes alongside the updated app of the Eurostar, which includes mobile ticketing, loyalty card features, and better booking. Watching Jeremy Clarkson rant about everything might not be as relaxing compared to the underwater VR experience that Eurostar offered passengers over the summer. However, you cannot argue with free services.