Twitter and Facebook Set to Cooperate With UK inquiry Regarding Russian Brexit Meddling


Source: Sole Treadmill

Tech giants Twitter and Facebook have said that they are willing to cooperate with a government inquiry regarding the extent of Russian meddling in the Brexit vote.

The two have responded to demands from Damian Collins, the head of the digital, culture, media and sports (DCMS) committee,  to provide information regarding Russian-linked advertisements on their sites during the European Union referendum in 2016.

And both the firms have also revealed that they have been contacted by the Electoral Commission, which is also investigating regarding the Brexit campaign. They said that they would answer to both requests in the coming weeks and before the end of 2017.

As part of an inquiry of the DCMS into fake news, Collins requested for information in the wake of investigations by lawmakers in the United States, where intelligence agencies have distinguished Russian influencers during the Presidential elections in the United States last year.

Various academic research papers in the past weeks have identified accounts that were linked to Russia that were active during the Brexit referendum. And Theresa May, the Prime Minister, has even gone as far as alleging Vladimir Putin, her counterpart in Russia, of “sowing discord in the West.”