Twitter is Rolling Out a Tweetstorm Feature

Sole Treadmill/Flickr

Finally, Twitter is embracing the tweetstorm.

In yet another acknowledgement that the 140 characters (or 280 characters) limit is not enough for some people, today, Twitter is introducing a new feature that makes the so-called “tweetstorm” become an official part of its service.

The new feature of Twitter is currently rolling out (though it may take some weeks in order to get to everyone). It enables users to create a thread of multiple tweets almost as easily as one tweet, with a new “+” menu that enables users to link more than one tweet at a time.

While tweetstorms have already been popular in-demand for power users, Twitter has not always made creating threads easy on the company’s  end, despite attempts to make it simpler over the years. Now, not only will Twitter enable users to create tweetstorms right from its website and app, it will make it easier to view long threads with four or more tweets using a new “show this thread” option that will “unfurl” tweets that are linked.

Earlier this year, Twitter confirmed that it was testing such a feature, even though this is the first time that it has been made available beyond beta testers.

In a blog post, the company points that the update is intended to make threads more available to all of the users of Twitter — not only the power users. However, outside of that, welcoming long threads and tweetstorms is just another sign that the firm is frequently looking for ways to help users move past its once-rigid 140-character limitation.