Two Men Interviewed by the Police As Oxford Circus Terror Scare Investigation Continues


    By mattbuck [CC BY-SA 2.0 or CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

    The police interviewed two men in connection with the terror scare that happened at the Oxford Circus Underground station yesterday that caused mass panic.

    The men, who are aged 21 and 40, attended police stations voluntarily after the British Transport Police (BTP) distributed their images on a CCTV footage and requested for them to come forward with information.

    The BTP have said that the investigation into what actually sparked the mass evacuation from the Oxford Circus is on-going. Last night, they proposed that an “altercation” on a station platform might have caused the alarm.

    Yesterday, emergency services got “numerous” 999 calls just before 5 pm that were reporting with regards to gunfire. Armed police officers attended the scene, and they were treating the incident as if it was related to terrorism.

    However, police later stated that there was no evidence of any weapon having been utilised, and the sixteen people who suffered injuries were victims of a stampede while leaving the Oxford Circus station.

    Various shops around Oxford Street went on lockdown, as the emergency services shut off large sections and advised the public to look for cover in buildings.

    The BTP have been requesting for any members of the public who were in the station to get in touch with them if they heard or saw anything which might have prompted the alarm.