Uber Considering Partnership with Waymo After lawsuit


Now that the long-running lawsuit of Waymo against Uber is finally resolved, the two companies are now free to cozy up to a potential partnership. According to a report at The Information, Uber executives that are led by Dara Khosrowshahi, the new CEO of the company, have been looking for a way to get the riders of Uber into the autonomous cars of Waymo.

Even though Waymo is already currently collaborating with Lyft, a working relationship with Uber would possibly help the autonomous car division that is owned by Google to get more of the self-driving cars of the company on the road. Uber would also be able to remain to be competitive with its biggest rival, without hanging too far behind in the consciousness of the public. However, The Information says that there is no indication that Waymo is willing to make the said deal. The sources of the site note that Khosrowshahi is aware that the self-driving systems of Waymo are more advanced compared to Uber’s own, and would reap benefits from working with the Alphabet company.