Uber Finally Allows Users to Add Multiple Stops to Their Trip


Uber users in the United Kingdom can now add multiple stops to a trip.

The taxi-hailing app company has just introduced the said feature, which should prove to very popular with users, as it makes it much simpler to pick up friends from various locations.

You can add a maximum of three stops to a trip. If you need to perform some changes, you can simply remove any of the addresses and replace them with new ones.

To add multiple stops to the Uber trip, users must tap Where To?, and then the + sign that is next to the Where To? box. After that, enter the addresses of your stops and request for a car.

Your Uber driver will automatically be provided with directions to each of the stops, which will be made in the order that they are added.

Previously, users would have to enter their end destination and ask their driver to make stoppages – and probably help guide them there too.

If you do add many stops to a trip, you can still divide the fare. For example a regular trip, the cost of the whole journey will be equally divided.

“This new feature means that users no longer have to update the destination while on a trip and ensures more transparency on the fare for both riders and drivers,” stated Uber.

“So whether you’re picking up friends en route or heading home from a night out, it’s easier than ever to ride together.”

Uber says that the feature will roll out across the United Kingdom over the coming week.