Uber Modified its Rating System to Satisfy Both Riders and Drivers


In its attempt to build goodwill back, the ride-sharing company has been trying to curry favour with both drivers and riders. Today, Uber is attempting to appeal to both by modifying its rating system in order to be more fair and transparent. In-app descriptions will offer riders a better idea regarding what level of service correlates with every star, while some adjustments will add more details to poor ratings.

The changes should make it easier for drivers to maintain their overall rating high — or at least, offer them context for poor feedback. By December, riders who rate drivers five stars or below will be asked to provide clarification regarding their rating. Reasons that are beyond the control of the drivers like GPS snafus or traffic will no longer affect the reputation of a driver. And if a rider usually doles out 4-star ratings or lower, their feedback would not be counted.

While improving the rating process is great for both rides and drivers, the said update is the latest in the efforts of Uber to improve service for its drivers. As part of the company’s image-repairing ‘180 Days’ campaign, Uber added features so that drivers can share their location with their families and charge more for pickups that are longer than expected.