Uber Receives Go Signal to Operate in Sheffield After Suspension is Lifted by the City


Uber has been given the go signal to resume operations in the Yorkshire city of Sheffield following the suspension of regulators of its licence a fortnight ago.

On Wednesday, the local council lifted the suspension following what it described as “productive discussions” with the ride-hailing company.

Uber will now be able to operate in the city after giving the council “satisfactory replies to its questions” regarding how Uber is managed, while a new application for a licence to operate is considered.

A decision on that is scheduled to be made in early next year, said the council.

The approval for the continued operations comes as the city of York said that it would not give it the thumbs up in the historic city for a renewed licence. It noted concerns regarding a major data breach that has affected over half of all Uber users in the United Kingdom and complaints that it had received regarding the firm.

This week, Uber was in court to begin its fight to get its licence in London renewed. The company’s appeal against a decision by Transport for London not to renew is scheduled to be heard next spring.

Today, MPs called for a national standard for licencing Uber drivers to be presented by the government.