UK Advertising Watchdog Warns Amazon Over Prime ‘One-Day delivery’ Claims

Photo by Stock Catalog via Flickr

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) of the United Kingdom has issued a warning against Amazon, the E-commerce giant. It said that Amazon must clarify that some of the items covered in its Prime service are not eligible for next-day delivery.

In a ruling that was seen by the Times, the ASA stated that Amazon has been “misleading” the consumers by promoting a one-day delivery service as part of its premium Prime subscription service. The ruling is scheduled to be published next week,

The ASA was prompted to launch an investigation against the tech giant after approximately 270 people filed a report because of not receiving their delivery by the next day.

The UK watchdog has now stated the ad “must not appear again in its current form”.

The ASA’s ruling explained: “Because consumers were likely to understand that, so long as they did not order too late or for Sunday delivery, all Prime labeled items would be available for delivery the next day with the One Day Delivery option.”

It added: “When a significant proportion of Prime labeled items were not available for delivery by the subsequent day with One Day Delivery, we concluded that the ad was misleading.”

A spokesperson from Amazon stated: “Amazon Prime offers fantastic benefits to members including One-Day Delivery on millions of eligible items at no extra cost.”

He added: “The expected delivery date is shown before an order is placed and throughout the shopping journey and we work relentlessly to meet this date. The overwhelming majority of One-Day Delivery orders are delivered when promised.”

He continued: “A small proportion of orders missed the delivery promise last year during a period of extreme weather that impacted all carriers across the UK, and we provided support to impacted customers at the time.”

Earlier this year, Amazon, found itself in hot water with the ASA when the watchdog banned four of its ads for electronic items for making use of misleading recommended retail prices to adjust its savings claims.

The online retailer was also reprimanded for related infractions in 2012, 2013 and 2015.