UK Business In A Struggle To Get A Loan


With the UK in the early phases of Brexit and now confronting a General Election, new research led by RateSetter Business Finance uncovers how credit conditions seem to be harder once more, with more than 400,000 private ventures now challenged to look for options on loans.

A figure of 32 percent of SME’s that had considered raising fund said that it was presently harder than six months back.
Amid this time of instability for SMEs, these discoveries come when mentoring is required most.

As banks are continuously shutting their branches and decreasing forefront staff, organizations now need to go somewhere else to get personal contact in making loans. With over 33% of private ventures wanting to look for services face to face, the move to just-online offerings and the closure of physical branches is a worry.

Avoiding the pattern, RateSetter Business Finance, a peer to peer business lender, has developed a system of local managers that can meet potential borrowers and comprehend their full story.

A current case was Essex-based Brighter Futures Foster Care, whose benefactor Justina Gay remarked: “With RateSetter we were able to talk in person to people who genuinely seemed interested in our business and who understood what the options might be. We were talked through the process at every stage and it was pain free.” The £120k advance from RateSetter has empowered the organization to include 19 new fostering households and 24 more child placements in the South East of the nation.

The research also pronounces that majority of business organizations search for speed and straightforwardess in applying for a loan. RateSetter’s Managing Director of Commercial Finance, Paul Marston, makes it clear how this is given priority when agreeing a loan.
“We know that the sooner we can put the money into the hands of the business owner, the sooner it can be put to work. We have built our processes around short applications, quick decisions and minimal paperwork and in many cases we’ve been able to provide money in a business’s account within hours of applying”.

“Our Regional Managers are all experienced lenders, who are there to guide business owners towards the right way to borrow, not just provide a simple yes or no” continued Paul Marston.
This new research shows that other options to the banks, as RateSetter, are vital for the proceeded with development of the UK’s SME advertise and the economy all in all.