The UK Government is Spending Millions on Lawyers and Bureaucrats to Cope with Brexit


On Tuesday, a spokesperson for Prime Minister Theresa May stated that the government of the United Kingdom had hired 3,000 additional people in preparation for the challenge of taking Britain out of the European Union, with thousands more to come.

David Davis, the Brexit Secretary, informed a Cabinet meeting that preparations were initiated for a series of probable outcomes from negotiations with the European Union, including a no-deal scenario.

Davis informed Cabinet colleagues including Prime Minister Theresa May that 3,000 new posts have been generated across various areas of government, including 300 additional lawyers to administer the legal complexities of Brexit.

The government anticipates to hire up to 5,000 additional staff in 2018 as Britain comes closer to Brexit day, which is set to be at the end of March 2019.

Philip Hammond, the Chancellor, used the Cabinet meeting on Brexit preparations to present an update regarding the half a billion pounds that the Treasury has already set aside to deal with the exit of Britain from the European Union.

The funding, which will grow to three-quarters of a million in 2018, is being used for:

  • future new trade agreements;
  • concerting existing EU law into domestic law;
  • preparations for implementing changes at the border.

Theresa May also revealed that a new sub-committee is being established to support the government as the tension of Brexit preparations advance.

According to May’s spokesperson, the EU Exit and Trade sub-Committee will be formed to deal with “Domestic Preparedness, Legislation and Devolution.”