UK NCSC Supported Denial Of Apple and Amazon OVer Chinese Hardware Hack


The National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) of the United Kingdom said that it had no cause to doubt the statements that were made by Amazon and Apple last Thursday. Both companies denied a report that was released by Bloomberg regarding malicious computer chips that were placed inside their equipment by foreign agents.

Last Thursday, Bloomberg Businessweek noted 17 anonymous sources across intelligence agencies and company insiders in the United States of America. The sources stipulated that Chinese intelligence officials had been able to infiltrate approximately 30 businesses, as well as multiple U.S. government agencies, in the United States in order to hack their way into the internal company networks. The said hack would give Beijing a secret access to the networks.

In an interview with Reuters, the NCSC stated: “We are aware of the media reports but at this stage have no reason to doubt the detailed assessments made by AWS and Apple.” AWS refers to the cloud-computing unit of the company, Amazon Web Services.

The NCSC is unit of GCHQ, the eavesdropping agency of the United Kingdom.

It added: “The NCSC engages confidentially with security researchers and urges anybody with credible intelligence about these reports to contact us.”

In some statements that were published by Bloomberg last Thursday, Amazon said that the report was not true, and had “found no evidence to support claims of malicious chips or hardware modifications.”

The statement of Apple was able to detail various internal investigations that were based on the enquiries of Bloomberg. It added that “each time we have found absolutely no evidence to support any of them.”

It continued: “We have repeatedly and consistently offered factual responses, on the record, refuting virtually every aspect of Bloomberg’s story relating to Apple.”

Also, Bruce Sewell, the recently retired general counsel of Apple, informed Reuters that he contacted James Baker, the then-general counsel of the FBI in 2017 after being informed by Bloomberg regarding an open investigation into a hardware maker whose products Bloomberg said were embedded with malicious Chinese chips. The company is called Super Micro Computer Inc.