UK Opposition Labour Party Attempt to Push Government Into Publishing Brexit Dossiers


On Wednesday, the opposition Labour party of Britain will attempt to push the government to issue its assessment on the impact that Brexit will have on 58 various sectors of the economy.

On Monday, the government said that it had carried out the economic assessments, covering aerospace to tourism sectors, but has refused requests from lawmakers to publish them so far, saying that it needed a “safe space” to execute Brexit policy in private.

That has irritated lawmakers – including some from the own party of Prime Minister Theresa May – who say that the documents should be subjected to parliamentary examination and utilised to help shape the public debate about what a good deal on the departure from the European Union would look like.

The opposition Labour Party stated that it would make use of a debate in parliament on Wednesday afternoon to attempt to win support for a motion that the party said would leave the government with no other choice but to release the papers.

“Ministers cannot keep withholding vital information from Parliament about the impact of Brexit on jobs and the economy,” stated Keir Starmer, Labour’s Brexit policy chief.

Normally, motions of the opposition in parliament cannot compel the government. However, Labour said that it would use an established, although little-used parliamentary procedure to force ministers to hand over the files to the Brexit committee of the parliament.

The committee should then determine whether to make them public, said Labour.

“Labour recognizes the importance of protecting the government’s negotiating position with the European Union. However, that does not give ministers the right to impose a blanket ban on publishing any information whatsoever about the economic impact of Brexit,” said Starmer.