UK Sport and BBC Sport Team Up to Live Stream Olympic Events

By Sander.v.Ginkel [CC BY-SA 3.0] via Wikimedia Commons

After the BBC agreed to a new collaboration with UK Sport, the Olympic and Paralympic sports will be live-streamed online in the United Kingdom.

UK Sport is set to invest £30m over the eight years to 2025 in an attempt to bring the biggest international events in the world to the country and as part of that goal, it has bought live streaming technology for sports that have no access to it.

BBC Sport is set to provide editorial and technological support to minor sports and live stream their events on its website, assisting them to establish a public following in between the World Championship and Olympic Games events.

The BBC is attempting to be able to showcase more than 1,000 hours of live sport per year on the iPlayer and its website.

“We have been covering Olympic and Paralympic Sports for decades, and we are now taking that commitment to a completely different level,” stated Barbara Slater, the director of BBC Sport.

“We are going to be streaming more live sport for more people, across mobile, computers, tablets and TV. We will be working closely with UK Sport to ensure the major events they support in the UK reach the biggest possible audience.”