UK tech financiers will count on British Business Bank to plug a ₤ 2 billion post-Brexit funding hole


UK equity capital companies that were terrified that a significant source of funding would be cut off after Brexit have actually currently relied on a home financier, the state-owned British Business Bank.

Business Insider comprehends that early phase start-up financier and accelerator Seedcamp, which is presently raising its 4th fund, is looking for a larger share of financial investment from the bank.

That might go some way to making up any shortage in funding from the European Investment Fund (EIF), which sources stated froze its activity in the UK after Brexit. Seedcamp had actually been going through due diligence with the EIF, but that procedure now looks “indefinite”, the sources stated.

Another fund supervisor stated they had actually effectively increased the British Business Bank’s share of financial investment in their fund.

Chancellor Philip Hammond offered the British Business Bank license to invest more in VCs
This has just become possible in the last couple of weeks, after chancellor Philip Hammond increased the quantity the British Business Bank might buy an individual fund. Up previously, the bank might just provide as much as 33% of a fund’s money. It’s now increased to 50%, reliable right away.

For investor raising brand-new funds, this readies news. The EIF has actually been a significant source of funding, dedicating nearly ₤ 2 billion throughout more than 60 British equity capital companies, consisting of Balderton Capital, Connect Ventures, and Atomico.

When investor are aiming to raise a fund, the EIF has actually been an early port of call and is exactly what’s called a “foundation” financier. It can devote as much as 40% of a brand-new fund’s money, and will frequently trigger other financiers to sign up with the fund.

Although sources informed Business Insider in May that the EIF all of a sudden froze activity after the referendum outcome, the fund’s main line is that it hasn’t stopped funding– it simply has to do more due diligence on its UK financial investments.

In the meantime, the British Business Bank can give out more money through its VC Catalyst Fund. This technically concentrates on later phase funds of at least ₤ 50 million, but it has actually purchased some early phase funds too.

A British Business Bank representative stated there was some “versatility” on the size and kind of fund the VC Catalyst would purchase. Checking out in between the lines, if you’re a smaller sized, early phase fund, you may gain from the VC Catalyst fund despite the fact that it’s not truly implied for you.

The bank has actually up until now invested ₤ 83.8 million throughout 8 VC companies: Notion Capital, Dawn Capital, MVM, Frog Capital, Nauta Capital, Alpina Partners, and Panoramic Growth Equity. A few of these, like Dawn, expense themselves as early phase funds.

Business Insider comprehends that the Treasury is working out with the EIF to keep money streaming to the UK. At least one VC believes the EIF will “unpause” funding to the UK when Brexit settlements are over.

A source with understanding of the matter informed Business Insider that the Treasury understood that the EIF was performing more due diligence, and was attempting to speed the procedure up.

Chancellor Philip Hammond hinted as much in his speech in June. He stated: “In the long-lasting, it might be equally helpful to preserve a relationship in between the UK and the EIB after we leave the EU.”