UK’s Most Successful Tech startups Close to Achieving Unicorn Status


A cybersecurity company that has been commended as one of the most successful start-ups in the United Kingdom is close to achieving the so-called “unicorn status” four and a half years after the launch of the company.

Darktrace is based in Cambridge. It was set up by a mix of experts of government intelligence and mathematicians. The company started off with a value of £15 through the investment of Poppy Gustafsson, its co-founder.

A company achieves the unicorn status when it is able to hit the 1bn dollar mark. Darktrace was valued at $825m during the past summer and would have to take on some additional financing in order to meet the said benchmark.

Gustafsson said that Darktrace had had its “foot to the floor” with regards to its growth and was mulling an expansion into systems of industrial control that “keep societies running.”

The regions of Asia Pacific and Latin American have also been earmarked for business expansion by Darktrace, which currently has 32 offices across the globe and more than 620 employees.

Darktrace has been identified as one of the fastest growing companies in the United Kingdom for this year, alongside Featurespace, a fellow business that is also based in Cambridge.