United Set to Report Earnings After the Bell


On Wednesday, the parent company of United Airlines, United Continental, is set to report its quarterly earnings and revenue after the bell.

Here is how Wall Street anticipates the company to perform

  • According to Thomson Reuters, revenue of about $9.86 billion,
  • Also, according to Thomson Reuters, earnings per share of $2.12.

The operations of United have been interrupted by a series of hurricanes that stuck the United States over the past two months. The airline has blamed $400 million of its losses to Hurricane Harvey alone, which devastated the fourth-largest city in the United States, Houston, Texas. United operates a hub out of George W. Bush Intercontinental Airport and was forced to cancel 7,400 flights because of the storm.

In the wake of the storm, United decreased its third-quarter revenue guidance, predicting a 3.5 to 4 percent decline.

The company also had a difficult time to emerge from a public relations debacle after security officials removed a passenger forcibly from an overbooked United Express flight that was operated by Republic Airways last April. A video of the incident went viral, urging United to issue a public apology and correct some of its policies.

The shares of the company fell nearly 4 percent after the said incident. United has since settled with Dr David Dao, the passenger,  who was left bloodied and experienced a concussion during the dispute. The amount of the settlement paid has not been disclosed publicly.

The stock of the company is down by more than 6 percent year to date.