University Replaced a Professor After He Insisted that Australia Is Not A Country

By Steve Lux, Jr. (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0] via Wikimedia Commons

A student was incorrectly informed by an online adjunct professor that Australia is not a country and was given a failing grade, urging the Southern New Hampshire University to replace the instructor.

It was reported by Buzzfeed News that the 27-year-old student in Idaho was tasked to compare the social norms of Americans to that of people from another country. She decided to study the use of social media in Australia. However, the professor gave her a grade of zero on that particular portion of the assignment, saying that Australia is a continent and not a country.

Well, people know, except for the professor, that Australia is actually both a continent and a country.

Officials of the University informed WMUR-TV that the said instructor has already been replaced after an investigation. In a statement that was released by the university, it said that it deeply regrets the interaction between the student and the professor, and wished the athletes from Australia good luck in the 2018 Olympic games.