US: House Votes To End Government Shutdown Despite President Trump’s Veto Threat


The House of Representatives of the United States of America has voted to end the partial government shutdown without funding the proposed border wall of President Donald Trump.

The Congress is now under Democrat control. It passed a bill to fund homeland security until the 8th of February, as well as some measures to fund other federal agencies that are currently affected by the shutdown.

However, the move is unlikely to lift the impasse, as the Republican-backed Senate is anticipated to block the bills after Trump issued a veto threat yesterday.

The US President said that he will reject any proposals that would not include his demand for $5 billion (£3.9 billion) to fund a wall on the border of the country with Mexico.

The bills were backed by the Nancy Pelosi, the new speaker of the house and the first woman ever to hold the said position.

According to Reuters, Pelosi informed reporters: “We’re not doing a wall. It has nothing to do with politics. It has to do with a wall is an immorality between countries. It’s an old way of thinking. It isn’t cost effective.”

Yesterday, the vote came after the newly-elected members of the House of Representatives were sworn in. The new Congress is considered to be the most diverse ever, with 102 women now serving in the House, including a record of 43 women of colour.

Yesterday, President Trump reemphasised his support for a border wall during an unscheduled press conference in the White House.

He stated: “The wall – you can call it a barrier, you can call it whatever you want – but essentially we need protection in our country.”

Approximately a quarter of the US government is closed because of an impasse between Republicans and Democrats over the issue of funding for a border wall.

Discussions between President Trump and both parties are scheduled to resume today.