US Reveals Chinese Products Under New Proposed Tariffs

Photo by Gage Skidmore from Flickr

On Tuesday, Donald Trump, the President of the United States of America, revealed a list of imports from China that is aimed to be targetted by his administration as a part of a crackdown on what the US President considers as unfair trade practices.

The sectors that are covered by the suggested tariffs include products that are used for information technology, robotics, aerospace, and communication technology.

The latest announcement by could heighten the friction between the United States of America and its biggest trading partner further.

Last Monday, new tariffs that were proposed by China on food and some other products from the United States started to be imposed, as a retaliation against the tariffs of Donald Trump on imports of steel and aluminium. The new taxes will affect products such as pork and certain nuts and fruit that are imported from the United States.

The administration of Donald Trump claims that China has improperly taken the intellectual property of the US. The United States could impose tariffs on around $50 billion to $60 billion worth of imports from China annually.

Some of the opponents of the planned tariff action of Donald Trump that were announced last March argued that it could increase the prices ofUS names Chinese products under proposed tariffs, including robotics, information tech and aerospace consumer goods.