Users of the iPhone Are Not Able to Type the Letter ‘i’ After New Apple iOS Update


Users of the iPhone and the iPad have been hit by a rare software bug that leaves them unable to type in the letter ‘i’ on their devices.

The glitch is discovered on the newest iOS 11 update – 11.1 – and causes a problem with the predictive text system.

For users who are experiencing the bug, the lower-case letter ‘i’ autocorrects to a capital ‘A’ or other symbols. However, not all iOS users are affected.

The said error affects apps including Instagram, Twitter, and Messages.

Apple is yet to release an update to fix the bug, even though it has added a  new page to its Support website that is aimed to guide users who are experiencing the glitch.

Anyone who is affected by the said issue should go to the Settings app, and select General > Keyboard > Text Replacement, then click the ‘+’ symbol.

Under Phrase type “I” in upper-case, and under Shortcut type the lowercase “i.”

The latest iOS update introduces more than 70 new “emojis” to the iPhone, as well as a fix for the issue regarding the KRACK wi-fi hack that was extensively reported across the majority of the wi-fi enabled devices in October.

Last week, saw Apple release its iPhone X, with hundreds of people queuing around Regent Street on Friday to purchase the new handset.

The iPhone X abandons the home button and the fingerprint sensor, instead, using 3D face-scanning Face ID technology in order to unlock the main screen. A user has already reported an issue regarding the security system, posting a video which revealed that his brother could also unlock his iPhone X using the Face ID.