Users Say Snapchat Won’t Refresh, Not Working, Servers Down


On Tuesday afternoon, the users of Snapchat were having some issues with the app, with many of its users receiving error messages that the said the app could not connect to its servers. Other users got a message that said that the app would not refresh.

Over 1,000 users reported the said issues with the app to Down Detector. The users cited issues on receiving and sending snaps as well as refreshing the feeds or issues with opening the app in the first place. The map on the site revealed that many of the reports were coming from the users in Europe. Nevertheless, some users in the United States of America reported the same issue.

Shortly after 2 p.m. ET on Tuesday, Snapchat posted a tweet from its support account to assure its users that the company was aware of the said issues and was working on a solution. The support account also recommended that the users stay logged in to their accounts while the app was still down.

A lot of users turned to Twitter to check whether or not they were alone in encountering issues on loading and connecting to the app. There, they discovered that plenty of other users are also struggling with the photo- and video-sharing platform.

The outage did not do much to help increase the confidence of users who are still upset with Snapchat for the redesigned app that a lot of users find hard to use.

Users speculated that the app was down because the company was getting ready for an update or was reverting the app back to its older layout.

It was not clear what caused the issues with the server or how long the issues would last.