Users of Snapchat Outraged by Major App Overhaul


Fans of Snapchat shared their outrage following the release of the social media giant of a major overhaul of the design of the app.

The company has made some significant modifications to the photo-sharing network, which have prompted numerous fans to call for the return of many of their favourite features.

Snapchat has said that it hopes that the community will begin to enjoy the updates.

Following its announcement of the changes to the app last November, the company released the said updates in the United Kingdom and the United States on Thursday.

However, angry users of the app were left upset by the changes that were made, which they described as “terrible.”

Jessica Camacho, a Twitter user, posted: “Can we please have the old version back. This new version is confusing and complicated. Social media is supposed to be easy and fun.”

Another Twitter user, Taneshh, said in a tweet: “Hi @snapchat, your new layout/UI update is absolutely terrible. Won’t be using the app due to this. What were you guys thinking?”

The outrage follows the reporting of the app regarding a 15 percent increase in users in Europe since 2017.