Vote of No Confidence To Be Faced by Spanish Prime Minister


Amid the scandals on corruption and the ongoing Catalonian issue, Mariano Rajoy, the prime minister of Spain, is now set to face a direct challenge from the leader of the opposition Socialist party (PSOE), Pedro Sanchez, in a vote of confidence that is scheduled this coming Friday.

Today, the Spanish parliament said that it will be holding a debate this coming Thursday as to whether Sanchez should take the place of Rajoy, with a vote that is lined up for the day after the said debate.

The outcome of the vote is still not clear, as even though Sanchez holds the support of Podemos, a fellow leftist party, he will still need the support of many smaller regional parties. Ciudadanos which is the party that has the fourth largest presence in the Congress has already ruled out its support for the vote of n confidence.

Parties in Spain are also in disagreement as to what kind of government they would like to see, with Ciudadanos striving for fresh elections to be called and Sanchez aspiring to rule for a period of time. If Rajoy does lose the vote this Friday, it would signify an end to the six years of centre-right government in Spain.

A court ruling last week has triggered the vote of no confidence. The court order said that former officials from the ruling Popular Party (PP) of Rajoy are guilty of various crimes such as tax evasion and embezzlement. The party was imposed with a fine in excess of €250,000 (£218,000). The fine represents the amount that it has received from the use of an illegal slush fund which helped in financing the election campaigns of the party between 1999 and 2005.