Waze Teams Up With Allianz For In-App Roadside Assistance To Londoners


Waze, a traffic maps app that is owned and developed by Google, has established a partnership with Allianz, an insurance compay, to offer emergency roadside assistance to its users in Europe at the touch of a button.

The feature will be available to the users 24/7. The users of Waze will be able to click on the SOS button to access the roadside help that is integrated inside the app in the event of a flat tyre, a breakdown, mis-fuelling, or flat battery to receive a one-off assistance from Allianz wherever they may be.

The service is initially being rolled out in the United Kingdom, where the app has approximately 2 million users, as well as seven other destinations in Europe. Waze informed reporters that around 45 percent of its users in the United Kingdom are based in London, offering an aimed benefit to the drivers in the  City.

The UK country manager of Waze, Finlay Clark, stated:“With 64% of the UK population commuting to work by car, and even more people than ever opting to do staycations, providing help while driving is what Waze has always tried to deliver.”

He added: “The partnership with Allianz Partners has enabled us to take the stress out of breaking down. Should anything happen when you are driving, help is just one click away.”

The users will also be able to request for help from other Waze drivers inside the app, for the aforementioned situations when just another pair of hands or some kind of jump leads are required.