WhatsApp ‘Bomb’ Forces Phones to Crash Once Received


A message in WhatsApp forces the phones that receive the said message to break down and stop from working properly.

The said bug is only the most recent in a series of “message bombs” that was revealed during the past few months. The phones that receive the message are not able to open it properly, resulting the app to shut down.

The said message appears to harmless: it only says “This is very Interesting!” and has the crying laughing emoji. However, within the message are numerous hidden characters.

The said message is full of hidden characters is far too long for the phone to handle, thus resulting the phone to shut down.

Another similar message says “If you touch the black point then your WhatsApp will hang.” The message is found next to a small black circle. And, as assured, touching the black point will result in a force shut down of the app.

Some users report that opening one of the messages cause the WhatsApp app to shut down. Other users report far more serious problems, with issues affecting other apps or even causing the phone to restart.

The problems seem to be limited to WhatsApp and Android. Other apps – such as Facebook Messenger and iMessage – recognise the said message as being a problem and would not allow people to send it.

It is possible that the bug will be entirely ironed out by updates to Android and WhatsApp in the coming days.

However, it is not likely that this would be the last time that a similar a problem surfaces. In recent months, “Message bombs” have been widespread – the most latest, high-profile example was a message that made use of a character in the Telugu language, which phones could not handle and cause the phones to shut down.