It Will be Hard to Keep EU Nations Together During Next Phase of Brexit Talks, Says Juncker

By European People’s Party (Jean-Claude Juncker) [CC BY 2.0],via Wikimedia Commons

Yesterday, the President of the European Commission said that it will be harder for member states of the European Union to show a united front as discussions on Brexit move onto phase two.

The first phase of divorce negotiations were completed last December. Jean-Claude Juncker called the said phase “the easiest.”

Talking during an event that was held in Spain that was hosted by El Pais, a local newspaper, Juncker stated: “It will be more difficult to keep together the 27 EU members states during the second step of negotiations.”

The next round of talks will concentrate on nailing down a transition arrangement before a framework for trade discussion can be agreed upon. Britain has argued that a comprehensive trade deal can be finalised by the time of the formal exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union in March 2019.

Juncker said that multinational corporations will place pressure on individual governments in order “to say yes to this or that British proposal.”

“In the end, we’ll have several extras, several exceptions that will make Europe a mess.”

Juncker continued on to say that he wanted the United Kingdom to be a “privileged partner.” However, this was only when Britain realised that it was a British decision to withdraw from the European Union and not the other way round.

Juncker stated: “Brexit is not a priority, it’s not the future of Europe.

“I’m de-building, deconstructing Europe at the moment… and I’m not happy about that.”