Woman Marches Into House of Fraser Store And Carries Out A Sofa After She Was Told She Would Lose The Money She Paid For It After Chain’s Collapse


    A woman asked for the help of her strong friends to dismantle a sofa in one of the stores of the House of Fraser and transport it to her home after she was informed that she would lose that money that she paid for it when the retail chain went into administration.

    When the House of Fraser went bust, Fiona Boston, 52, claims that the delivery date for the ‘sofa of her dreams’ was continually put back and she has received no help from the employees.

    So Fiona finally decided to get ‘what was rightfully hers.’ She marched into the store together with some of her friends who assisted her to take apart the sofa, prior to walking straight out of the front door with the sofa and loading it into a van.

    Fiona is from Hartburn, County Durham. She stated: “On July 26 I bought the sofa and chair. I’d had my eye on it for a couple of years, it was a perfect fit for my home.”

    She added: “I paid in cash and three days later I went back to buy some extras on my debit card which cost £715.”

    She says that the delivery dates for the said furniture were continually put back.

    Fiona said that she visited the store on many occasions to inquire about the schedule of the delivery of the furniture and to check whether the sofa was still in the store.

    She stated: “My husband Alan had an aneurysm last year and it’s taking him a while to get back to full health, but he’d been sitting on deck chairs at home as we were still waiting. He deserved to be comfortable.”

    She continued: “I kept asking the manager and staff but they were saying everything was out of their hands.”

    However, the House of Fraser went into administration and Fiona lost all her money, along with the sofa she ordered.

    Fiona stated: “They told me I would be put on a list of creditors and to wait to get my money back. I knew that the chances were I wouldn’t be getting it back.”

    She added: “They even told me I could take finance out on the sofa – but I refused to pay for it twice.”

    So Fiona decided to take the matters into her own hands on the 1st of September.

    She stated: “I got some of my family together, some strong lads and a van from Scott Bros in Haverton Hill, and decided to go to the store late in the afternoon when it was quite empty.”

    She added: “We went up to the second floor, took the sofa apart and walked right out the front door. No one batted an eyelid.”

    However, as soon as the sofa was loaded onto the van, employees surrounded their vehicle.

    She stated: “They told me that they’d call the police as it was theft. I said I’d paid for it and had a receipt.”

    Fiona works as a market trade. She drove off but was soon pulled over by the police where she told them what happened.

    She stated: “I showed him my receipt and that it was rightfully mine.”

    She added: “He wasn’t happy but called his inspector who said it was a civil matter and to let us drive off.”

    She continued: “So we did. It’s what you call British justice.”

    Fiona says that she is still owed £716 by the House of Fraser, however, her husband Alan, 66, can now comfortably relax on the sofa that they had waited so long for.

    The stores of House of Fraser in Darlington and Middlesbrough were both under threat when the chain went into administration.

    However, Sports Direct’s billionaire founder Mike Ashley, their new owner, said that he would try to keep 80 percent of the stores of the chain open after he acquired the company out of administration.

    Last week, it was announced that both of the stores would remain open.