Woman who spent £20 on lottery tickets wins £845,000 house

Dunston Low and Natasha Dobosz raffled their home after they fell short on mortgage repayments – Charlotte Graham / Guzelian

A lady who paid £20 for raffle tickets is the fortunate winner of a unique prize: an £845,000 Lancashire manor home in excellent condition.

Marie Segal, 51, from Warrington has won the six-bedroom home after one of her ten £2 tickets was picked yesterday. The drawing was the idea of Dunstan Low and his wife Natasha Dobosz, who had attempted to market their home, Melling Manor, for a very high price to meet their mortgage obligations because the couple were likely to lose their home.

Started earlier this year, Mr Low sold tickets for £2 each, as the last option. He fell short of his target amount of £1m, raising almost £998,000.

This was sufficient to pay the Segal’s stamp duty and legal fees and pay their own mortgage debt.

After discovering of her fortune, a surprised Ms Segal said: “Is this a wind-up? Are you kidding? I’m in shock. I’m speechless. I’ve never won anything before. This is completely surreal. I’ve only ever won £9 on the lottery.”

Mr Low, 37, said the raffle had been a “stressful but amazing experience”.

“I’ll be sad to see this go but we will be fine – we are going to stay local. I’m just glad someone else can enjoy it,” he added.

“I think once we’ve met the expenses, we should be left with about £850,000, meaning we will just break even,” he said.