The World’s Top 10 Most Valued Brands Dominated by Tech Giants


Google and Apple have once again been listed as the most valuable brands in the world. For five consecutive years, the two tech giants have claimed positions one and two in the Interbrand league table, leading against Microsoft.

The five top growing brands include Amazon which is up by 29% and Facebook which is up by 48%. HSBC bank is the most valuable UK brand and is valued at $10.5bn it is ranked at 47th. The automotive sector added the most with 16 brands, followed by the technology sector, with 15 brands making it into the rankings.

Brands are ranked by how they influence consumer choice, their ability to command a premium price, and financial performance.

Outside of the top 10 of the list, the 11th-50th most valuable brands in the world are:

  • 11th GE
  • 12th McDonald’s
  • 13th BMW
  • 14th Disney
  • 15th Intel
  • 16th Cisco
  • 17th Oracle
  • 18th Nike
  • 19th Louis Vuitton
  • 20th Honda
  • 21st SAP
  • 22nd Pepsi
  • 23rd H&M
  • 24th Zara
  • 25th IKEA
  • 26th Gillette
  • 27th American Express
  • 28th Pampers
  • 29th UPS
  • 30th JP Morgan
  • 31st Budweiser
  • 32nd Hermès
  • 33rd Ford
  • 34th eBay
  • 35th Hyundai
  • 36th Nescafe
  • 37th Accenture
  • 38th Audi
  • 39th Nissan
  • 40th Volkswagen
  • 41st Philips
  • 42nd AXA
  • 43rd Kellogg’s
  • 44th Goldman Sachs
  • 45th L’Oréal
  • 46th Citi
  • 47th HSBC
  • 48th Porsche
  • 49th Allianz
  • 50th Siemens