YouGov Survey: Over Half Of Londoners Likely To Vote For Sadiq Khan In 2020 Mayoral Elections


    According to a most recent survey, over half of the people in London would likely vote for Sadiq Khan, the current Mayor of London, in the mayoral election that is scheduled to be held in 2020. The results came amidst the concerns regarding the crime rates and affordable housing.

    A total of 55 percent of the respondents to a survey that was conducted by Yougov said that they would be likely to vote for the incumbent Labour mayor in the first round of the election, compared to the 28 percent who would likely to vote for Shaun Bailey, the Conservative contender.

    Bailey became involved in a scandal early on in his campaign which came after a pamphlet was revealed in which he wrote that multiculturalism “robs Britain of its community.”

    Meanwhile, according to the data that was collected from 1020 adults who are based in London, seven percent would be voting for Green candidate Sian Berry, four percent for Liberal Democrat Siobhan Benita and the remaining six percent for “some other candidate.”

    A total of 36 percent of thge respondents said that they would likely vote for Khan even if a mayoral election were set to take place tomorrow, with 17 percent stating that they would vote for Bailey. 31 percent said that they did not know who they would vote for.

    Remainers were more likely to choose Khan, while those who voted leave in the 2016 Brexit referendum said that they would be choosing Bailey in the elections.

    According to 47 percent of voters who participared in the survey said that Khan is doing well in his position as Mayor of London, however 36 percent believe that he is performing badly in the job.