Young Democracy Activist Sentenced to Jail for 3 months in Hong Kong


A court in Hong Kong has sentenced Joshua Wong, a young democracy activist, to three months in jail in a contempt case originating from the “Umbrella Movement” protests that were held in 2014.

Wong is only 21 years old. He was among the activists who received their punishment in the High Court in Hong Kong on Wednesday. Wong and one other defendant were remanded into custody. Some other protesters received suspended sentences.

Last year, Wong had pleaded guilty for his failure to comply with an order that was imposed by the court to clear out of a protest camp during the gathering that spanned for 79 days in the semiautonomous Chinese city.

Wong earned global attention for helping lead the said protests while he was still a teenager. He and some other leaders of the protests are appealing regarding their sentences in a separate case. The judge who heard the appeals of the protestors on Tuesday is set to issue a ruling at a later date.