YouTube To Introduce Fact-Check Feature


YouTube is reportedly rolling out a new feature that aims to fact-check content across its website as it attempts to reduce the amount of fake news on its video-sharing platform.

The current plans will see an “information panel” appear when the users browse for videos around topics that are prone to misinformation and conspiracies. The fact boxes will appear above the videos and below their search topics.

The video-sharing platfrom has observed a raft of fake news and conspiracy-related videos appear on its platform and it is doubling-down on its efforts to clear YouTube of dubious content in an effort to fight back against criticism.

In an interview with CBS News, a a spokesperson from the company, stated: “As part of our ongoing efforts to build a better news experience on YouTube, we are expanding our information panels to bring fact checks from eligible publishers to YouTube.”

Just to be clear, YouTube will not make individual checks on videos, and the information panels will not appear when the users watch videos. Instead, they will appear in the search results as the company has no plans to remove videos, even if they are found to contain false information.

The fact boxes will be provided by verified, third-party partners of YouTube that go through the guidelines of Google, its parent-company. It will include phrases such as “Hoax alert!” and “FAKE” to warn the users.

YouTube has come under intense scrutiny for allowing fake news and misinformation to spread across its platform. It says that the aim of the company is to offer the users enough context about the videos so that they can make more informed decisions about what they will watch.

Last year, the company imposed a ban on InfoWars, a controversial channel, after Alex Jones, a conspiracy theory host, came under pressure after allegations of hate speech.