Zuckerberg Promises to Work With US Senate on Proposed Regulations


As the Senate testimony of Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO and founder of Facebook, continues, the issue over the regulation of the social media platform came up, as expected. Lindsey Graham, a senator of the United States, asked the CEO regarding his stance on a legislation that would regulate platforms such as Facebook. Zuckerberg stated that if it were the right regulation, he and Facebook would definitely welcome it. Also, Graham asked if Zuckerberg, together with his team in Facebook would be willing to submit some ideas regarding the legislation on social media and the Facebook CEO said that he would gladly send some proposals to the office of Graham.

Last month, during an interview with the CNN, Zuckerberg also addressed the idea regarding regulation.

The CEO of Facebook said: “I actually am not sure we shouldn’t be regulated.”

Also, during the questioning that was held at the congressional testimony of Mark Zuckerberg today, Amy Klobuchar, another Senator from the United States, asked if Facebook would be willing to support a rule regarding the notification of its users about a breach within a period of 72 hours. Zuckerberg said that he thinks that the said proposal could be an acceptable rule.